Teacher Training




Managing and Struggling Setbacks in The Classroom

This 12-hour course is for teachers of young learners to help them develop their teaching skills for the age group seven to thirteen. The module includes:

Setting expectations for behavior.

 Managing Inappropriate behavior.

 Creating materials.

Setting limits in the classroom and many others.


Starting, Moving, Flying! And the rest?

This is a new course designed to provide teachers with some useful teaching tips for preparing their students for the Cambridge exams.  There will be four sessions, one for each skill: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Information about Cambridge Assessment English Exams.

What to do and what not to do for the preparation of the exams.

Using materials effectively for the preparation of the exams.

Experiences so far.


Developing routines & Classroom language

This 12 – hour module includes:

Why it is important to develop routines with the target age group in the classroom?

What kind of routines can be developed with the target age group in the classroom?

What kind of classroom language routines can be developed?


Teaching the Teens.

This is a 12-hour course in teaching English to teenagers.  It will focus particularly on the 13–16/17 age group.  The sessions will be mainly in workshop form and will provide teachers with practical ideas to use in their classrooms.

The Way Teens Learn – Learning Styles and Cognitive Differences.

Lesson Types & Adapting and Developing Course Materials.

How to Manage the Teens.


Crafts & Project work

This 9-hour course includes:

When should these be reserved for/be done.

Integrating them in the curricula.

Doing crafts & project work as extracurricular activities.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages for doing Crafts & Project work during lessons.

Importance of crafts & Project work.


Changing Roles of Teachers.

With all these new trends, the role of today’s teacher is also evolving, and our responsibilities have been increasing. In the 21st-century classroom, teachers have multiple roles and responsibilities as facilitators of students. Why so?

This 9-hour course focuses on:

Effective communication skills.

Knowledge of technology.

Collaborating with other teachers from other disciplines.

Co-teaching and team-teaching.


Creating Effective Writing Lessons for English Language Learners

This 12-hour course is designed to help teachers to use practical strategies for teaching and assessing writing. Activities are generated from texts of real genres with the belief that leading students through writing process develops skills not only in vocabulary, sentence structure, and conventions, but also in actual thinking in English.


Using Stories in the Language Classroom.

This is a new course designed to provide teachers with some useful teaching tips for different ways of using stories to develop four skills. In this 12 –hour course we will look at fun ways of creating and telling stories.

How do stories help students learn?

What makes a good story?

How do you teach storytelling?

How do I become a good storyteller?


Note: We are happy to deliver any of the above-mentioned courses at your school or university. If any of these courses do not meet your needs and you would like us to design a course specifically for your institution, please feel free to contact us at British Side.

Course dates: 18 Oct. – 30 Oct. 2018   

     (Every Tuesday & Thursday) 06:15 pm – 09:15 pm

Deadline: 15 October 2018 / 04:00 pm 

Fee: 650 TL (For at least 8 candidates)

E-Mail  :   training@britishside.com